True Confessions of a Fanboy

By James & Johnny Jacobs

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I know what youre thinking, an advertisement on Cobra: The Inner Sanctum? I thought Violentfix detested endorsement? Well its true but in this case no one is paying me and the fact that Im taking the time to put this on my site is a huge testament to just how much I enjoyed this book.

True Confessions of a Fanboy is the story of James Jacobs and his realizations about the life he has led as a Fanboy who has gone too far. A cry for help? Maybe! A way of justifying his addiction by equating each sold copy as another Fanboy that makes him feel ever so less pitiful? Most Likely! The fact is that True Confessions of a Fanboy speaks to any and all of us that find our salvation in the pursuit of Toys, Comics and Collectibles. And what does it say? Well, to some of us its worth the price of admission on the premise that James Jacobs will improve your own self-esteem simply by sharing his tale of woe with the reader. To many more it will show that they are not alone and that its okay to purse every single variant of a single character ever made. Following James's realizations of his fanboy lifestyle are comments from his (normal) Brother that are sure to outrage and incite the fanboy in us all, (grab the pitchforks and shovels).

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True Confessions of a Fanboy is an enjoyable and wildly funny read with laugh out loud moments and fits of rage, (Usually aimed at Johnny Jacobs as he describes what he sees when he looks at his Fanboy brother.) Will this book change your life? Maybe. Will it be a blast to read? Absolutely!



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